Furcadia: Proposed Web UI Adjustments

Furcadia: Proposed Web UI Adjustments

Remember when I said I’d attempt my own mockup of the Furcadia Web UI?
Well I’ve followed through on that, to a degree.

Before I begin, let’s note that all copyright for the source UI I’ve used is that of Dragon’s Eye Productions and I have no claim to it whatsoever. I am a proud Silver Sponsor For Life in Furcadia and these are my adjustments to make the proposed web UI more user-friendly, hierarchical in terms of importance, more compliant with convention, and more generous in terms of providing game-screen space to the user. I hold no claim to these adjustments and offer them freely as advice towards a better interface.

The currently proposed Web UI, from my understanding, is little more than a mockup at this stage and will probably change vastly before being applied to the release web client.

I’ve attempted to do all this without changing the visual direction because Gar has a very strong grasp of, well, artistry, and I didn’t want to interfere with that where possible.

If you stumble across this and happen to be a KS donator with access to the appropriate forum please throw me some support or unsupport in the related post: http://forums.furcadia.com/index.php?showtopic=79730


Here’s the image from my previous post on the matter: